Untitled (Woven Portico)

Installation View. Photograph © Nick Rochowski
Installation View. Photograph © Nick Rochowski

Untitled (Woven Portico), 2012
Site-specific installation UCL, London
1-14 June 2012
PVC mesh, webbing, ratchets 24 × 8 × 3m

Funding: Swiss Cultural Fund UK, Camden Council and UCL Business
Photographs: Nick Rochowski

For two weeks this artistic intervention radically transformed UCL’s entrance portico. White fabric sheets, interwoven with the columns, gave it a temporary new monumentality. A contrast was established between the fragility of the fabric and the solidity of the Portland stone. Responding to the vocabulary of representative architecture, this weightless gesture referenced both a neoclassical and a contemporary pop-up aesthetic. The space contained within the portico, accessible to the public, was reformulated as a vast walk-in sculpture.