Towards the Horizon, 2016

Site-specific installation Fanø island, Denmark
1 – 30 September 2016
Timber, white paint
51 × 1 × 2.8 m

Curated by Nina Wöhlk, the project was part of the Wadden Sea Festival 2016.

Towards the Horizon stood on the coast of Fanø island for one month, in the UNESCO heritage site of the Wadden Sea. The timber installation created a straight line in the middle of the Danish island’s vast tidal landscape. Stretching from the most western point of the island straight westwards into the waves, it defined a pathway towards the horizon, and a frame for the sunset. A white band painted across the gently sloping row of poles defined a sharp horizon line, creating both a reference point for the eye and body and a perceptual ambiguity in the landscape.